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New laboratory technologies, assays, and markers in molecular diagnostics are growing exponentially. Multiplexing of tests, genome-scale analysis, and multi-omic profiling of samples is already a clinical reality. Related biomedical data, studies, guidelines, and databases are being produced at a staggering pace.

To benefit from this in your routine medical practice, you need the tools and the technology to efficiently interpret clinico-molecular patient data against all this rapidly advancing biomedical knowledge.


Dataome technology


MH Dataome addresses the urgent need for a technology that can close the information gap between molecular diagnostic data generation and routine clinical application by providing precise and rapid automated data analysis based on the highest-quality biomedical reference knowledge.

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Dataome Technology Platform

Data capture

Our MH Dataome technology platform mines and structures millions of evidence-based molecular and clinical data sources in real time. Healthcare professionals can deep dive into a knowledge base that contains curated biomarkers of drug response, resistance, and toxicity, drawn from the world's biomedical literature and based on over six million patient cases.

Data interpretation

Our MH Dataome technology platform provides fast clinico-molecular data interpretation that has relevance across the healthcare industry - from anticipating patient-cohort drug response, to identifying personalized treatment options for patients, to predicting drug toxicity and side effects based on genomic and molecular evidence.

Data delivery

Our MH Dataome technology platform intelligently structures and delivers data to enable automated, real-time access. From interactive interpretation of patient genome data for labs, to app-accessed drug-safety reports for physicians, to customized network integration with hospital groups, we are continuously forging new channels to deliver relevant data to suit our customer requirements.


Our Dataome platform draws on the world's health knowledge

Molecular Health has built a comprehensive data warehouse that contains biomedical reference information of unique quality.

How it works


MH Dataome integrates and maps information from a vast catalogue of reference databases, genome-scale clinical studies, and publications. Using text-data mining we collate otherwise inaccesible, unstructured information. Dataome provides an in-house resource for content discovery and curation. From it, we create further novel, specialist databases of organized structured and immediately valuable data.

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What are Dataome's advantages?


We offer ethnicity-specific sequence analysis and can help you identify clinically relevant genomic aberrations. We compare these to biomarkers from the top global medical data sources and complete quality checks on all referenced biomarkers.


Our products contextualize patient-specific molecular data against global biomolecular knowledge, with content drawn from more than six million patient cases. Content from otherwise disparate data sources is mapped and integrated, regularly updated, and provides links back to the source.

Data curation

Reference information is collected, processed, and reviewed to meet strict quality criteria. Our tools provide rapid access to expertly curated specialist medical data sources that are otherwise not commercially available, including the MH Drug resource database and MH Biomarker database.

Up to date

The reference information in our products is constantly updated and expanded to include the latest biomedical findings and discoveries by medical experts. Our tools, methods, and algorithms are tested and validated and the software is updated regularly.


Reference information is sourced from approved, canonical medical knowledge, and links are provided to the evidence base. This enables personalized treatment decisions on an authoritative basis.


Deep dive into information sources. Our Dataome knowledge base contains expertly curated biomarkers of drug response, resistance, and toxicity, based on the world's biomedical literature and more than six million patient cases, allowing therapy options to be traced back to source.


Avoid analytical bottlenecks. Our fully automated clinical, molecular, and pharmacologic workflows, fast interpretation tools and web-based delivery of results enables to process more reports in less time.


Our products can be operated as a secure, private cloud solution, providing availability anytime, anywhere.


To enable clinical interpretation of molecular diagnostic data, our technology provides context: information on the complete genetic make-up of the patient.


Our products are fully hosted on-demand solutions, built on a solid technology stack for stable day-to-day operations.

Turnaround time

Our tools are easily integrated into clinical workflows and results are delivered in a portal to enable fast turnaround.


Our technology's gene-centric information model allows you to integrate other molecular diagnostic platforms.